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Introducing the lightest folding power chair in the world The Journey Air Elite features the latest carbon fiber technology for the ultimate in portability and performance Mobility issues affect over 1 in 5 Americans. These individuals, and their loved ones, know how decreased mobility can result in loss of independence, pain and falling hazards. They are often stuck at home, missing out on a variety of activities, in a vicious cycle that diminishes their quality of life. In the past, mobility devices like scooters and power chairs were too heavy and bulky to transport easily. Now, carbon aerospace program has been used to create the ultimate mobility device. It鈥檚 called the Journey Air Elite 鈥 and there鈥檚 nothing else like it on earth. At only 26 pounds*, the Journey Air Elite combines lightweight portability with world class performance. It鈥檚 simple to use joystick and powerful dual-motor drive system enables you to zip around quickly and safely. It鈥檚 maneuver, easy to maneu easily through th doorways, and door can go right up to a table or desk. Once you NEW ONLY 26 POUNDS!* *Do not attempt conds Folds 铿俛t in seconds are done, just one pull on the seat handle folds it up. There鈥檚 a fold-down back to make it even easier to stow and store. rear anti-tippers for added convenience and safety. Just imagine how this chair can improve your life and make it easier for loved ones and caregivers to accompany you to activities and events you would have missed in the past. Don鈥檛 spend another day stuck at home. Call today, and a helpful, knowledgeable consultant will help you get a Journey Air Elite of your very own. Don鈥檛 wait 鈥 call now! What makes it the best? 鈥 Ultra-lightweight yet durable 鈥 Speedy and maneuverable 鈥 Comfortable and easy-to-operate 鈥 Pulls right up to desks and tables 鈥 8-mile range on a single charge 鈥 Perfect for dining, shopping, sightseeing and lots more! 鈥 Foldable for easy storage and transport Call toll-free now 855-242-8536 Please mention code 601648 when ordering. enjoying life never gets old鈩 *26 lbs is chair weight without the easily removable battery. Journey Air Elite is a personal electric vehicle and is not a medical device nor wheelchair. It is not intended for medical purposes to provide mobility to persons restricted to a sitting position. Journey Air Elite is not covered by Medicare nor Medicaid. *DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LIFT OVERHEAD. Lifting overhead poses risk of injury or death. 漏 2023 Journey Health & Lifestyle庐 87001 庐